Why JIMS, Kalkaji is one of the Best B School to Choose?

Introduction to JIMS, Kalkaji

JIMS Kalkaji has a rich and diverse history of more than three decades. Over the years, JIMS Kalkaji has grown from strength to strength and today stands as one of the most reputed B-schools in Delhi NCR region offering quality education at par with international standards. It offers courses such as Post Graduate Diploma In Management (PGDM).

JIMS, Kalkaji has been a frontrunner in the field of education for more than two decades. The institute has been awarded numerous prestigious awards and recognitions over the years, cementing its place as one of India’s premier educational institutions.

The mission of JIMS Kalkaji, one of the best PGDM college in Delhi NCR is to be a premier institute in providing quality education with strong industry orientation, inculcating ethical values among students and enabling them to demonstrate their internal capabilities while meeting the needs of the society. To achieve this, we strive for excellence through continuous development in our academic programs and research activities. We aim at creating value based education that encourages critical thinking, creativity and teamwork that can help shape successful leaders for tomorrow’s world. Our vision is to create an intellectually stimulating learning environment where innovation thrives so that it helps build a better society by developing future professionals who are equipped with emerging global challenges & technologies.

Salient Features of JIMS, Kalkaji

JIMS, Kalkaji has a globally recognized Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) program that provides students with the opportunity to specialize in two areas of their choice. With a cutting-edge curriculum designed by industry veterans and academicians, this postgraduate management course focuses on modern business practices and challenges students to bring out the best version of themselves. The dual specialization modules allow each student to identify key learning objectives while also curating research plans tailored for real-world applications. Additionally, JIMS Kalkaji offers an array of field visits, special lectures from renowned professionals, exchange programs etc.

Highly experienced faculties & course curriculum

From interactive sessions inside the classroom to out-of-the-box activities outside, our faculties ensure that each student is guided towards proper understanding without fail! They also offer valuable career advice based on the strengths and weaknesses of students, helping them choose their desired field with ease!

The course curriculum offered by the institute is designed to equip the students with the knowledge and skills necessary for success in their chosen industry. The faculty members have wide experience and have been carefully selected to ensure that students are given comprehensive coverage of both theoretical and practical aspects of their field. Every course includes lectures, seminars, workshops, case studies as well as assignments that provide practical opportunities for application of learning.

Placement opportunities & internships at JIMS, Kalkaji

JIMS Kalkaji offers numerous and varied placement opportunities for its students. It boasts of a wide network of companies, both national and international, where students can find placements in diverse sectors ranging from hospitality to information technology. The college also provides an online database which has vacancies posted by employers as well as various internship programs designed exclusively for the college’s alumni. Through these initiatives, JIMS Kalkaji ensures that each student is provided with the best placement opportunities suiting their preferences and qualifications.

At JIMS Kalkaji, being part of the alumni network has its own benefits. The alumni network works as a bridge between current students and successful professionals who have already graduated from JIMS. These networks provide unlimited opportunities for networking with potential employers, thus leading to better employment prospects in top companies. It also allows for mentorship and guidance to practice what is taught in classroom through their experience by offering great advice which can be invaluable when starting out on your career path.


In conclusion, JIMS Kalkaji is one of the most sought-after B Schools in India due to its excellent infrastructure and academic facilities. The highly experienced faculty and course curriculum helps students gain the necessary skills required for a successful career. Moreover, placement opportunities along with internships further adds to their array of strengths allowing them ample scope to grow within their chosen fields.