How To Proceed Whenever Your Autoclave Fails The Biological Spore Test

Obtaining a positive result in your biological spore test is fairly serious business. This means that, for whatever reason, your autoclave is not sterilizing your instruments like it’s designed to. Maybe it’s a problem associated with user error or it may be some form of mechanical malfunction. Regardless of the cause, though, there are specific things you must do whenever you autoclave fails the biological spore test.

Stop Making Use Of Your Autoclave

It could appear apparent, however, you really should not make use of your autoclave now until you receive a good test result back. Even though you discover the problem only agreed to be a procedural error or perhaps a minor mechanical problem that you simply fixed yourself, you still need make sure your autoclave is working correctly prior to using it again.

Just Use Instruments Sterilized Prior To The Unsuccessful Test

Since you are unsure in case your autoclave is working correctly you cannot use any instruments which were sterilized following the last test you passed. And if you cannot verify when a musical instrument was sterilized, then it is not dependable it.

Contact The Correct Government bodies

Generally you are needed to make contact with the correct regulatory agency and inform them what’s happening and just how you intend to handle the situation. Be sure to document all you do and it on record not less than 24 months.

Perform Another Test

Repeat the spore test in situation the very first outcome was a mistake. When the second test states you passed and there isn’t any indication that something’s wrong together with your autoclave, then be at liberty to return to work. However, do re-sterilize all the instruments which were sterilized following the last test you passed.

Should You Fail The 2nd Test

Should you fail this second test you will need to repair your autoclave. Most autoclaves are simple to repair and all sorts of you will need to do is do an Search on the internet for the logo and model no . to check out troubleshooting guides. For those who have a higher-quality Tuttnauer autoclave, it might be as simple as cleaning up the environment jet valve.