Biological Systems Predicting Earthquakes in addition to Technologically Advanced Sensors

A few days ago, I had been speaking to some fellow intellectual thinker around the subject of biology. Whereas these were busy in class studying using their textbook all of the needed studying, that is great, I needed to consider it to some greater level. So, jokingly I mentioned okay so, yes, let us pick another subject – “Biology for $1200 Bob” – and we’ll understand why an individual continues to be valuable alongside “Watson” the IBM Risk Super Computer!

I Then requested an issue, the one that most likely does not come with an answer, or it does not come with an answer that we understand of

“How come Tigers along with other creatures in a position to predict Earthquakes? Is that this real, myth, therefore, exactly how should we make use of this?”

A couple of in the past, I sitting inside a lecture once in which a gentleman had “running rodents” that have been bred for going after subsequent generations. I requested him when they ran more the night time before an earthquake, he did not know. But possibly they are doing, I’d guess they are doing, but cannot prove it without empirical evidence, and you will find good applications for knowing the solution to this, for example, using frequency to influence various species from human populations, in order to safety, even send sea mammals from beaching. Perform the tigers run since the rats and subterranean rodents scurry about, they do not like rodents or rats, they appear to possess a fear that is innate.

Or, could it be since they’re flat footed plus they can certainly have the vibrations accumulating their legs, or because of their big ears which get vibrational seem waves, for example the “S” or surface waves, or even the deep “P” waves? If that’s the case, wouldn’t humans likewise be able to get this done, not present day humans within their Asics and Nike footwear, but bare-footed tribal humans nearer to nature? Do locust swarms also provide something related to “Earthquake” type vibrations lack of water and food? If that’s the case, are we able to steer locust swarms from farm areas using vibrational directed energy?

Exactly how should we interface our technologically advanced society with biological systems, not only people interfacing using their computers in social systems, but instead other existence-forms and species in the world? And why wouldn’t we? And why should not we ask these questions, and explore the possibility solutions? Indeed, I’ll give you that thought, and I think you’ll will surprise consider all of this and think onto it at the earliest possible convenience.