Which industries would be boosted by more people graduating with a master’s in social work?

We all know that education is key for our personal lives and professional lives. However, education is not just about how it benefits us on a personal level. It also has superb benefits for the business world and the many industries that make up our economy. One course that many believe would prove extremely beneficial to many industries is a master’s in social work.

But which industries might this be, and how do you get this award?

How do you get a master’s in social work? 

As you would expect, the main way to achieve this is to enroll on a master’s in social work course at university/college. The Spalding University online MSW program is one of the best in this field and the go-to choice for many people looking to study for this award.

As this is an online course, you not only get high-class learning in social work as a subject, but you also study in a convenient, flexible way. Just remember to set up an ideal home study space before embarking on a program such as this.

Gaining this qualification not only sees you ready for a career in social work, but also armed with transferable skills from which many other industries could benefit. But which other industries might this be?

Charity sector 

The charity sector is massive across the world and does important work helping the most vulnerable in society. It can include many specific roles – from people volunteering in soup kitchens to others working in charity shops to raise funds.

This is one industry where more people with a master’s in social work could be useful. As studying on a course such as this teaches you about how to care for people, how to engage compassionately with them and how to help people in need, it is the ideal starting point.


It is also easy to imagine the teaching sector getting a real boost from more people studying for a master’s in social work. After all, teachers play a huge role in our children’s development and helping them through difficult times in their lives. They also play a direct role in looking out for signs that a student might need help. More teachers with this kind of qualification would see them armed with higher-level skills to help children and be more comfortable in having difficult conversations with them.

HR in business 

Human resources is a very important sector within business and a popular career choice for many. It is also an industry where the compassion and sensitivity developed on a master’s in social work course would come in handy. This would allow those who work in HR to better look after the needs of their colleagues and identify when someone needs help – and what kind of help may be required.

Multiple industries could benefit from more people with an MSW

When you think of the skills that this course teaches you, and the compassion it develops in students, it is easy to see how numerous industries could benefit from more people studying for it.