The purpose of creating online polls

To begin, we should point out that online polls are widely used by various companies. There are a variety of purposes for quizzes. Let’s focus on the most important.

Inform the audience about your organization

The best way to создать онлайн опрос is a game format. Not everyone is prepared to read lengthy articles with native advertisements. People always try to save time and enjoy using unconventional methods. It was also discovered that the game’s format boosts conversion rates.

You will not only be able to tell about yourself or your partners by using a quiz, but you will also be able to remind yourself of your existence and attract customers (especially if users can send quizzes to friends, family, and acquaintances on social networks).

Assistance with selecting products and services

Users frequently refrain from making purchases because they are unable to select one product. Create a quiz to assist customers in making a decision. It might contain the following inquiries:

  • regarding the budget;
  • about the traits they prefer;
  • about the conditions for future operation, among other things.

Include a question about allergies to particular components of the product in the test if you sell sports nutrition, for instance. Offer the most suitable product based on the results.

Work out objections

A quiz can be made on a website or in a chatbot to help people who want to buy a product or order a service know what to do. Utilize an online quiz to try to persuade the customer that his decision is correct and to demonstrate that your offer is profitable and distinct from the competition. Keep in mind that the test answers’ explanations are acceptable in this instance.

You will dispel the most prevalent misconceptions concerning a particular topic as a result of them. After completing the quiz, a discount on a service or product can also be motivating.