Power of instagram followers – Why do you need them and how to get more?

Having a solid base of followers serves many purposes. First, you increase your visibility and discovery via hashtags and geotags. The more eyes that land on your profile and content, the more opportunities for likes, comments, and new followers. A strong follower count also strengthens your clout and trustworthiness. When people see 10k, 50k, or 100k+ followers, they instantly view you as an authority figure worth following and engaging with. The snowball then continues as more followers get more organic visibility and interest.

Follower counts also allow you to unlock Instagram’s money-making features like Shopping and branded content partnerships. Plus, having an engaged following acts as social proof that you move products and drive real ROI an attractive quality for possible sponsors and collaborators. Simply put, followers are the key that unlocks Instagram’s myriad of benefits.

Tactics to gain real, targeted followers

Getting followers the right way does take effort. Quick hacks like mass following and then unfollowing simply won’t cut it anymore. Instagram is cracking down on fake behavior, banning accounts using shady growth services, and minimizing the visibility of those who don’t play by the rules. Listed below are tried and true above-board tactics that yield real engaged followers interested in your brand.

  • Optimize your profile – Craft a compelling bio, use all available profile badges wisely, and set a consistent profile aesthetic with a recognizable profile pic and cohesive grid visuals. This establishes credibility and consistent branding so visitors instantly understand what you’re about.
  • Engage thoughtfully – Reply to comments, like content from ideal potential followers, and leave value-driving commentary on relevant accounts. This starts relationships with accounts likely to follow back and engage further.
  • Run contests & giveaways -Launch free-to-enter contests and giveaways, requiring simple actions like following your account and tagging friends for extra entries. These viral campaigns incentivize followers in exchange for a chance to win prizes.

Expert services to accelerate instagram followers

Executing an intensive strategic growth plan takes time many entrepreneurs simply don’t have. That’s where services like Famoid come in. Famoid is an industry leader providing expert Instagram growth services, engagement automation technology, and analytics/insights – everything you need to shortcut your path to an engaged 10k, 50k, or 100k following. Rather than slowly accumulating buy instagram followers through basic tactics alone, Famoid amplifies your efforts for faster Instagram growth.

  • Automatic Targeted Following & Unfollowing – Famoid employs advanced AI and machine learning to identify and follow Instagram accounts likely to follow you back based on audience interests and behavior patterns. After a high-probability follow-back conversion window, these initial follows are then unfollowed to keep your following count clean and laser-focused.
  • Smart Automated Liking & Commenting – Famoid’s algorithms scan Instagram for the best high-potential photos and videos to engage with through likes and value-driving comments. This saves you hours of manual interaction while still establishing your brand, personality, and voice. Comment tones are fully customized as well.

Dedicated account managers work directly with clients to understand goals and customize activities for maximum effectiveness. Various pricing tiers cater to needs ranging from basic follower gains to advanced high-volume growth campaigns. Ultimately this achieves follower milestones otherwise taking months or years to accomplish solo – now within weeks or months by tapping Famoid’s expertise.