Know Why OSHA is Mandatory at Workplace & the Importance of Certification by OSHA


One of the things that you ought to know is that OSHA is a very important training program. It provides the workers or the employee with the basic training and latest teachings about the common safety & health hazards on the workplace or on job. And, the students will get a 10-hour training course card or 30-hour course completion card at the end of the program. Besides all of that, the OSHA, i.e. the Occupational Health and Safety Agency/Administration provides safe working conditions in the whole of USA. Further, its regulations are designed by occupational safety experts. To know more about OSHA or osha 10 hour general industry click on the link.

Preventing Injury 

Also, you should know that one of the main requirements of OSHA is to prevent injury at workplace, be it any industry, manufacturing unit, warehouse, hospitals, & others. Plus, OSHA also penalizes those who do not follow the guidelines or fail to practise the safety guidelines. OSHA also protects against any kind of ladder injuries at workplace. No one should be guilty of violating the standards of OSHA. Organizations also ought to comply with the standards and regulations of OSHA. OSHA mostly prevents any kind of Occupational injury.

Subjects Covered Under OSHA 

There are many different types of subjects that covered under the OSHA. For instance, hands and power tools, electrical safety, struck by and caught in between the hazards, cranes and rigging, motor vehicles, excavations, masonry and concrete constructions, ladders and stairways, use of explosive at workplace, scaffolds, fire protection, personal protective equipment, health hazards, hazardous materials and so on are some of the topics covered by the module of OSHA. The pivotal objective of OSHA is to protect the employees working in such areas, where there is or can be danger to their well-being or accidents that can happen. So, in order to prevent the same, special OSHA training is given to the candidates, so that in future they avoid the mistakes which can cause the same.

OSHA Exams & Retake 

The time for the OSHA course is of 30-hours, but you can also enrol for a 10-hour course too. Besides all of that, you will get 3 chances to give the OSHA module exam. If you fail all the 3 tests then you will not be permitted to take the course and give the test again. Moreover, the OSHA course is of 6 months, after which your account will expire and if you wish to continue then you will have to activate your account by paying some fee. To pass the OSHA exam & get the certification, you will need at least 70% marks. Also, while pursuing the OSHA course you will be given sample quiz of every module after completion of the module I or II or III or as the case may be. You also ought to pass that quiz, which is important.