Julie Coles – Author Writes About Filling the Academic Accomplishment Gap

Julie Coles is an ambitious new writer from the United States Northeast region. Education was and is still a passion that has made her support the needy, especially the teachers and students belonging to economically challenged communities. 

She spent summers as a camp counselor for adults, teens, and special needs children, which influenced her to become an empathetic humanitarian. 

Julie Coles did her bachelor’s at Brown University and her master’s from Connecticut University. With the CAGS certification from Massachusetts Cambridge College, she led an alternative needs school providing and empowering students through creative solutions.

The experiences she gathered from being a school leader and teacher made her realize the challenges teachers and students from economically challenged communities experienced. It influenced her to write her first book – ‘America’s Educational Crossroads’. According to Julie, ‘There is a significant need to bring awareness to outdated institutional policies within public schools in many communities in America. These policies contribute to inequities in education and limit opportunities for students, particularly those from marginalized backgrounds.

Outdated institutional policies still reign in many community public schools. Approaches in the current educational systems often include discriminatory practices, such as tracking students into inadequate resources for schools located in underserved communities. 

Other policies limit the ability of educators to adapt their teaching methods to the needs of their students, or fail to provide adequate support for students with disabilities. It’s not uncommon for schools to also be limited in language resources for students gaining English language skills.’

As an author, Julie proposes a new educational model intended to resolve centuries-old educational inequalities, which are funding persistent academic accomplishment gaps. Advocates for change must work to engage with policymakers and educators to develop more equitable and inclusive policies and practices and to raise public awareness of the importance of addressing these issues. Through these efforts, the community can ensure all students have access to a high-quality education that supports their learning and prepares them for success in the future.

Julie’s book lays a hopeful foundation for the academic future. She knows that bringing awareness to these issues can help promote greater equity in education, by highlighting how the policies that limit access to educational opportunities perpetuate systemic inequalities. It can also promote more effective and evidence-based policies that support student learning and success.

Julie desired to create her own public platform, where she could share viable solutions and concepts intended to enhance academic quality that can optimistically influence every student’s overall educational experience. 

The latest book ‘Cultivating Exceptional Classrooms’ defines the steps every school in a district must follow to attain that goal. Teachers need to have access to experts during school hours to enhance their classroom management practices daily. This resource provides ongoing, innovative support not currently available. There are many other resources and strategies that teachers will need access to for improving their classroom management skills, such as attending professional development workshops, reading books and articles on classroom management, collaborating with colleagues, reflecting on their own teaching practice, and seeking feedback from students and parents. 

However, having access to experts can certainly provide targeted support and guidance, particularly when facing complex challenging situations in the classroom. Ultimately, the most important factor in enhancing classroom management practices is a commitment to ongoing learning and professional growth.

According to her website, there is a third forthcoming book to watch for.

Julie Coles’s dream is to build hopeful future for children, which she reflects in her book as a publisher!