Is Phnom Penh in Cambodia a Premiere Teaching Destination?

Possibly stating that Phnom Penh in Cambodia is really a “premiere” teaching destination is a little an overstatement. While so it is easy to obtain a teaching job here, there are more what exactly you need to think about. For just one, are you teaching for any lengthy time or are you currently only intending to get experience and obtain a short stint? Next, are you travelling with the family or on your own? For those who have a little child along with you, Phnom Penh may not be the perfect teaching destination.


Cambodia welcomes teachers, especially people from other countries. You will not even need to have TEFL or TESL certification to educate, even though they would likely prove useful if you are attempting to educate inside a greater having to pay school. Some teachers here state that they are ridiculed for applying ready putting on shirt and tie. Apparently you can get recognized by putting on casual clothes as well as switch flops for footwear. However, this time can again be contended as some pricier schools would expect more of your stuff.

If you wish to educate for a short while, Phnom Pehn, Cambodia is a great spot to gather some experience possibly while you are going through the country. The majority of the positions pay out in an hourly rate, anyway, which schools will not ask for the working visa. Obviously, hourly rates mean that you’ll be teaching part-time, and you’ll get the pay however, you will not receive free housing nor health advantages.

Going with family

If you are traveling with the family, and when you want in which to stay Phnom Penh using the about raising your son or daughter because well, you need to most likely entertain your next ideas. The health care here has improved previously couple of years however your child might be in danger if s/he will get drastically ill. The elements in Cambodia is quite different from the united states too, and when you are searching to have an air-conditioned condominium unit, you may be unable to pay it off together with your meager teacher’s pay.

The majority of the people from other countries teaching ESL listed here are unmarried. They travel alone and are ready to weather it simply to gain experience. Teaching children using British like a second language gives one training, and makes a person more acquainted with the dwelling from the British language. Most native British loudspeakers, regrettably, take this as a given simply because they were born having the ability to understand a minimum of the fundamentals from the language too. Regrettably, native loudspeakers will also be strangely enough less armed when it comes to vocabulary, and many prone to commit grammatical mistakes too.

Just how much are you prepared to risk?

It’s okay to educate in Cambodia for any reasonable period of time. Many people get it done because they would like to make money while taking their “lengthy vacations”. However, Phnom Pehn, Cambodia is hardly the “premiere teaching destination” some advertisements allow it to be look. True, there’s a couple of those who have made the decision to educate for a lengthy time period, but they’re truly deeply in love with the culture of the nation, the simplicity the life-style, as well as their vocation to educate individuals who can’t purchase much for his or her education. If you cannot see yourself for the reason that description, educate for merely a couple of several weeks or by no means.