How Power BI Training Can Get You Ahead in Your Career

Power BI is a collective name for an assortment of cloud-based apps and services that help businesses collate, analyse and visualise their data. IT professionals who receive Power BI training can gain an immense amount of leverage in the workforce by learning an emerging technology that will be adopted by more and more companies and industries in the coming years. If you’re an IT professional seeking to upskill, or you want to make a career transition into data visualisation and analysis, Power BI training may be the right choice for you. This article will go over how completing a Power BI course can get you ahead in your career.

What is Power BI?

In its simplest form, Microsoft Power BI is a collection of software and apps that turn multiple sets of data into visually coherent collations of that data. These advanced visualisations and models can be used to gain deeper insights into the data as well as manage the data in a more streamlined manner. The letters “BI” stand for “Business Intelligence” and the suite of technologies is aimed at non-technical users to be able to create interactive insights with their data so they can make more informed decisions.

Why Use Power BI?

While there are many less sophisticated and free tools for data analysis, such as Excel, it can be difficult for non-technical users who may not have the time and resources to learn the more advanced functions of the software.

Power BI effectively solves this problem, giving non-technical users a step up in business intelligence and data analysis. Power BI can be used to process large amounts of data that other software and apps simply can’t cope with. Built-in machine learning features also mean that each time the BI suite is used, it adapts to your data and processes, making the process easier each time you use it. These AI features can also automatically spot trends in your data, helping you to make more educated predictions about how you should direct your business.

Why Get Power BI Training?

Power BI training is an excellent way for IT professionals and aspiring IT professionals to gain a leg up in the workforce and secure their career for the long term.

Increased Income

The world of business is constantly changing and adapting to the needs of consumers and the economy at large. Data analysis and the use of data has become a key way in which businesses can stay competitive and relevant. Power BI training gives IT professionals the skills to decipher, analyse and visualise multiple streams of data and extrapolate functional insights from this data. A professional can greatly increase their salary prospects due to possessing a rare and valuable skill set.

Job Security

As more and more businesses adopt Power BI as a part of their technological and organisational ecosystem, the demand for workers who understand how to use the suite as well as its advanced functions will naturally increase. This means that Power BI training is also a great way for any IT professional to secure their career now as well as in the future. Analytics and data are already a key way for businesses to gain a competitive edge, and this global trend isn’t set to change any time soon.

Learn a Growing Technology

Acquiring skills in any growing or emerging technology is a great way to advance your existing IT knowledge, especially if you feel like you’ve hit an educational plateau. Power BI training is a great way to further gain authority as a Microsoft certified professional and deepen your understanding of how all the suites and technologies fit and work together.