AP Human Geography Exam: Your Questions Answered



Every year, the College Board offers what is called the Advanced Placement or AP Exams. And high school students can take these exams if they wish to improve their chances of standing out during their college admissions. Achieving excellent results shows how focused and serious the students are to the university of their choice. Moreover, acing the AP exams also help applicants to earn college credit at an earlier time.

Top universities, especially Ivy League schools, have a competitive acceptance rate. And getting into these educational institutions can be challenging if students do not make the necessary preparations. For instance, the Dartmouth acceptance rate for the Class of 2021 stood at 10.4%. On the other hand, the UCLA acceptance rate for their 2021 college admissions was 16.1%.

For these reasons, it becomes more imperative for high school students to take their AP Exams seriously and ensure outstanding academic performance.

Typically, each AP test has an associated AP Course. However, students can still take the examinations even if they do not enroll in the courses. One of the most popular choices for self-studiers is the AP Human Geography Exam. It is conducive to self-studying due to the concentration on specific theory and vocabulary.

Students taking this particular test will need an extensive understanding of major field-related concepts. They must also have relevant skills to ace the AP Human Geography Exam. The student’s ability to understand, recollect, and apply what they have learned will be assessed during this process.

Usually, the examination’s coverage includes agriculture, cultural pattern, and geography topics. Meanwhile, the format consists of multiple choice and free response.

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